Use EDDM Effectively

Direct Mail is a great tool to get noticed. Large full-color postcards grab attention at the mailbox and tend to stick around for future use.

What You WIll Learn

From setting up your account through to the best way and when to deliver the postcards to the post office, we have the plan for you.

Create Your Account

The United States Postal Service doenn’t do anything simple. We walk you through the account setup process quickly and painlessly.

What Message To Send

There are five key elements to include in your design for maximum effectiveness. We explain each and give examples.

Size Matters - Design To The Right Size

USPS has specific size requirement to qualify for EDDM postage rates. Be careful to chose the best size that will work for your budget.

Prepare For Delivery To Post Office

There is paperwork and labor to complete before taking to the post office. We break it down step by step with time honored tips to be fast.

Timing Is Everything

You want your post card to be noticed. We have a few tips to help you make that happen by your timing of delivery. You have a lot of control.

What A Successful Campaign Looks Like

Expectations are important. Consider the long term ramifications of aqcuiring new clients. We walk you through some numbers and methods to consider when using EDDM.

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