Get A Quick Quote on an EDDM Mailing

This form will get the ball rolling.

We will need to discuss the areas that you wish to target and determine the number of mailers. Please provide as much info as possible and I’ll get back with information to help move things along. Here are some numbers to help you with rough projections. Our most common postcard is a 14PT Glossy, two-sided, full-color postcard that costs from 8 cents to 12 cents each. The postage can change as USPS provides increases, but figure 18 cents each. Then we charge $75 per post office to organize and deliver a load. To help spread out the cash flow for large mailings, we will order the postcards in first and then invoice for postage weekly or biweekly until they are all out. Timing the deliveries to the post office is important and we work with you on that to avoid dropping mail when the junk mail is being delivered in your market. To get the project rolling, we need some hi res art work created to print. Getting the content from you and then getting the art approved is something that only you can control. Plan on a few days for design and a couple to get approved, that is typical.


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