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Video  Marketing Blueprint

VideoMarketingBlueprintStep by step training to create your own YouTube Channel and sales videos! Enter your best email and I’ll send Video Marketing Blueprint right away!

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  1. Here is what you will learn:
  2. The “correct” Google setup
  3. Setup and Optimize your YouTube Channel
  4. How to get started making videos

Plus, you will receive our YouTube Channel Art Templates that include some cool background images. Check lists to follow the step by step instructions and much more! This training is condensed into under an hour. We use video to walk you through step by step of your setup. At the end of this training you will have a firm grasp on your own YouTube Channel!

P.S. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Video Marketing Blueprint, we will refund 100% of your investment with us! So, with nothing to lose, get started! We believe that you will be more than thrilled that you did!

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Recent articles support the importance of video in your marketing.

Facebook Going All Video?

“In five years, most of {Facebook} will be video,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 

YouTube The New TV?

Financial Times article discussed how YouTube is the media for future stars!

Video Done Right

Business News Daily discusses the importance of your message in business video.

Would you like to attract hundreds of new customers?

You have to be where they are.

And make it easy.


Your prospective customers get information through video online.

*  They learn “how to’s”

* They research products and services.

Video engages the senses and creates an emotional response.


As a local business, you can engage people better than big companies.

Video Marketing is working for

Local business!

This might sound like a big challenge,

But you CAN do this!

Worried about the time and equipment

needed to create videos?


You Can Do This!

You have the tools already and I’ll give you a step by step plan!

I’ve laid out the steps to get started using

video as a marketing tool.

I will walk you through creating your own

YouTube Channel!

Then I’ll show you a couple of simple ways to start making

videos about your product or service.


If you are just OK with a computer and smart phone, then

you could be up and running in about an hour.

Get Instant Access to Video Marketing Blueprint!

Because your customers and future customers are there looking for you!

Caution - Rant might be offensive to some!

People are basically lazy and some are not too bright- yeah, you have run across the mindless zombies. Your different. You bust ass all day and into the night building your business, getting things done! The brain dead are talking about the latest episodes on TV like it was important. Not everyone is wired like you to dive in and work hard and play hard all day and night. But, to grow your business, you need to attract more prospects. Just keep your head up, your stick on the ice and let’s grab them where they are hanging out – YouTube!



video streaming YouTubeOver 1 Billion Visitors go to YouTube each month. Over 100 hours of video is being uploaded – each hour! YouTube is the go to place to be educated and entertained. Who has time for all of that? Well, your customers do! They go to work and come home and get online. More and more people use their phone or tablet for watching TV and browsing the internet. Sure, some are readers, but the vast majority would rather watch video – even to learn about stuff. Video is just easier to digest.

YouTube 18-34 year old stats

Local People Are Looking Up Information Right Now About Your Product Or Service!

I won’t get into how to find out exactly who is looking and what they are typing. That can wait. Right now you need a quick way to get started. Lay the foundation. The sooner you claim your YouTube Channel, the better.

Download this blueprint to create your YouTube Channel. Get the basics set, then we can talk about simple steps to make it work for you.

Use the Buy Now button below. I promise that you will save hours of frustration.

on-sale-7 This is an easy to follow plan that YOU can implement within an hour!

You will learn how to:

  • Get It Right On Google
  • Create A YouTube Channel
  • Simple Video Creation

Both Video Walk Through Training and PDF Worksheets

Save time and energy with our step by step plan!
Only $7 for a limited time.

P.S. If you still are not sold on using YouTube to grow your business. Let me share my experience with video and why I’m so sold on video as a sales tool. Flash back to 1989. I’m fresh out of training as a “Financial Adviser” for a large investment bank. Making cold calls, networking and building my book of business. The number money maker I had was a VHS tape. If I could get a client to watch this video pitch with me in the conference room, they would invest. Less than ten minutes. I’d watch the client as they engaged with the product through the power of the sound and images – more senses engaged to complete that connection. It just works. And the technology has made it easy for you to share your story. I created this free training to help regular hard working business owners like you.

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