Routine Updates & Submissions to Top Search Engines & Directories

We take a slightly different approach to “search engine submission” service. Most service offerings often boast about submitting to 10,000+ search engines. What they don’t tell you is a large percentage of those are useless to you. They enter into off the beaten path, so to speak, search engines that never see the light of day! So many are in foreign countries, that chances are, they are not in your target demographics! Additionally the service that some of these “search engine submission” services provide, for either a one-time submission, monthly submission or whatever the period you select. They make one round of submissions to each of their “10,000+ search engines”/ month and that is what you get for your hard earned money!

Now with our service, we do submit to search engine directories, but not 10,000+. Instead we target 100’s of relevant search engine submissions and submit them. You think we would be done there, right? We are only getting started! Along with the search engine submissions, we also evaluate your website and recommend and/ or incorporate changes that will improve your standings in the search engines. We also work to build links/ backlinks to your site also. We basically work full time monitoring and tweaking your site, the submissions and linking. There are also additional “tweaks and tricks” up our sleeves that we use to increase traffic to your site.

Sampling of search engine services submitted to.


Note: This is just a sampling of some of the search engine services we submit to. This is subject to change, due to availability, relevancy of search engine to site, or we may also switch to one that gets better results. We reserve the right, to change search engine submissions services, as deemed appropriate to best serve you, our customer.


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