Generate FREE Google Traffic!

Your video at the top of the Google Organic search will attract attention.

Put your message where it will be noticed, in a media that people enjoy.

We can use your video or produce one for you. The first step is to discuss your specific project to see if you qualify. A quick phone call will take care of that. Please use the button below to schedule a convenient time to talk.schedule-a-call

Google Loves Video!

We are a video generation, growing up being entertained and educated through video. Your video properly set up, which we do, will skyrocket to the top of the Google organic search page for your keyword phrase.

That video will attract clicks like moths to a porch light!

Don’t stress about creating a video we take care of the details. Your video will gain strength and position rapidly and continue to rank with our maintenance services. Over time we have noticed some surprising results beyond the initial local geographic search results.

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words!video streaming YouTube

Your video won’t need to be an expensive production.

We can use an existing video that you have, or create a video from photos, graphics and a voice over. The message that the video tells is important. What do you want the viewer to do to take action? Your video should be positioned as the first step of your sales funnel. Get them on an email list, send them to your order page, action that puts them closer to being a paying customer.

The Results Are Worth It!

Once we get a video on page one for your search term, it tends to “stick” there with the traffic that it receives. This creates a long term perpetual traffic generating machine!

Have more videos in mind?

We can create a YouTube Channel that is optimized for your keywords. A YouTube Channel is like your own Radio or TV station! You create the content and YouTube delivers the viewers.

A series of videos is great for your Google optimization. We recommend it, but will simply use our channel to host your video if you don’t plan on more videos soon. They can always be added in later.

The Magic Words – Keyword Research

What do your prospective customers type in the Google search field to find your product or service?

You might be surprised at the top ranking search terms!

We do the work to sort out the very best search terms for your project that will generate traffic.

The list is reviewed with you and we select two or three together to target for your campaign.

We have analytic data on what searches are made, where and what your competition will be for those terms.

Here is what we will do for you!

  • Keyword Research For Your Niche
  • Creation of a Video (30 seconds to 1 minute long ideally)
  • Optimize Your Video for Keywords
  • Create & Optimize a YouTube Channel
  • Monthly Promote Your Video for Views and Embeds
  • Monthly Create back links to your video
  • Monthly Tweak and Refine for SEO
  • Reach Page #1 or 100% Refund!

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