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The First Step For Your Project

Once you engage us in a project with the down payment, we schedule a phone conference to discuss your specific project. Our offices are at 4483 Lennon Road in Flint, MI if you happen to be close by to meet. We need to discuss the goals of the project to determine a target for our Keyword research. Expectations are set based on the market and competition that you are going after. When the keyword research is completed in a few days, we share the results with you and discuss your video message.

The Video

We can use your existing video or produce a video for you. Your video should have a clear call to action. We create a YouTube Channel for you and optimize the YouTube Channel for your keywords. We then upload your video to YouTube and complete the video optimization work. This completes the First Step of the project.

The Second Step

The second step is our proprietary system to share your video and make it attractive to Google. There is a lot of technical work going on to optimize and tweak the video as we monitor its rise in the rankings. This process can go quickly or take some time based on the competition.

Ongoing Maintenance

We have made it to Page #1 for your search term! Now we take steps to assure that your position is solid and you can focus on tweaking the landing pages, phone and sales process to take best advantage of each click. We recommend adding more videos from time to time to improve the ranking of your YouTube Channel.

Ready to get started?

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If for some reason, we are unable to perform this work do to a conflict with a current client, we will gladly refund your deposit prior to starting any work.

The cost is only $249 per month, with a twelve month minimum.

A one time $75 set up fee is charged with your first payment.

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