Use Video To Tell Your Story!

Wow Them With Video!

Engage the senses through a video. They can watch and hear as the message is told. We offer a few ways to complete the task. Here is a overview of what you want in a great video.

Visual Appeal

The right visual components will draw your prospect in. The hand writing / drawing video is fun to watch and keeps attention. We use Michael J Thorp as a spokesperson on camera and he can interview you on camera to get your message across. Sometimes we simply use photos to help tell the story with a great voice over script.

Sound Is Critical

A great voice like Michael J conveys the message with a convincing manner. Want a female voice? We can do that! The voice should match the message. Then we need good music in the background to smooth out the sound. The music provides a truly finished professional sound.

Your Message

The script and graphics tell the story you want to share. Point out a pain or problem, then tell them how to solve it. There should be good information to build conviction that you have a solution to their problem. Then close with a strong call to action.

Examples below:

Here are some examples of videos we have produced, use the drop down button to view various videos or skip button to scroll through our example playlist.   To get started with your video project. Use the Buy Now Button below. We will contact you and discuss the style and content you are after and get creative for you! The cost for a one to two minute video is $400.

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