National Pencil Day Buzz

March 30th is the day to celebrate pencils.
Probably dreamt up by Dixon Ticonderoga Co.
They make pencils. Great self serving idea that almost makes Hallmark blush!
Did you know pencil sales are up over 6% this year! Tablets aren’t killing their sales.
You can learn more about pencils in this article.

I want to talk about erasers.
Just having an eraser says that your willing to take RISK and make MISTAKES.
Isn’t that OK?
The trend in the US is to avoid all risk taking.
Where would we be without risk takers? It would be kinda like the Say No To Drugs commercials… nothing happens.
Of course it pays to take calculated risk. Being in business alone is a risk. Aspiring to the 1% is a risk.
We should celebrate our risk takers. That guy who filled in for Charlie Sheen, Austin Kutcher is taking a risk on a trip to space with Virgin Galactic.  Bad example, but I had to get Commercial Space plug in, there are a lot of smart, brave men and women building a new billion dollar industry.
Back to your business. Every time you hire an employee you are taking risk. Your letting someone into your world with the potential to rob you of time, money and resources – all precious. You risk trying new vendors and of course spend on advertising and marketing.
I raise my pencil to you, business owner!
Keep your Eraser handy, it can get ugly quick!




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