Making the most of a Street Fair

The great thing about summer fairs and festivals is the crowd. You can count on meeting a good amount of people that would be very difficult to meet on a normal business day. So, you want to make the most of it right? Here are a few simple ideas to make the most of your big day.

  • Height – get your sign up as high as possible.
  • Offer – have a digital gift ready to share.
  • Message – be prepared with a great story to share.
  • Engage – give people a reason to commit today to taking action with a special offer.
  • List – build your mailing list with a combination of the free offer and a drawing.
  • Your Draw – place a trash can in front of your booth and have extra bags on hand to keep it neat and clean.

Yep, I spelled homely. No real reason, but perhaps it will make it memorable for you!

Let’s take each marketing idea one at a time.

Height is important for distance. When you enter the fair grounds you scan the area to determine a direction to wander. A tall flag or sign will get attention. Keep the message very brief, to the point and simple. For example: Legal Help for a law firm or Tax Help for an accountant or Nuts if you are selling nuts. Simple, to the point and interesting.

The Offer. When someone takes the time to come visit your booth, offer them a gift. It can be a family recipe, poem, e-book, article or pictures. It doesn’t have to directly relate back to your product or service, but that would be a bonus. Especially if it demonstrates your expertise. All you need is their email address. Now you could hand out a card with a link to have it emailed to them, but I would rather have them do it there on the spot with a tablet or have them write down their info.

Your Message is critical to making this event a success. What is your story? Why are your in this business? Ask them a leading question that will lead you into your story. For example if you are a lawyer, ask them if they have any family members in law. Then you can tell your story about why you are a lawyer and why it is important to you. Bring a little emotion into the story, but don’t overdo it.

Engage your visitors into taking action. Offer them an incentive to book an appointment, make a purchase or take some direct action today. You have to stick to your guns though. This is a limited time offer, no exceptions.

Build your list. Your list is gold. The free offer or a drawing will help you build a list of prospects. Use a system like Aweber to send out email to your list that gets delivered. Avoid practices that mark you as a spammer. A carefully crafted email marketing campaign is well worth the effort!

Your Draw. What are people doing when they wander around. Snack. Then they have to find a trash can to unload the napkins and wrappers. A trash can in front of your booth will draw them in. Just be prepared to empty the can periodically so it isn’t a deterrent!

A little pre marketing can help as well. If you are going into a town that you aren’t familiar with, go visit some local merchants and offer to hand out their flyers for them. Some see the fairs as a distraction from their business. You popping in and making the offer will make a friend and perhaps deliver some traffic as well! They are sure to tell their friends.

Set up your booth early and then walk around and greet all the other vendors. I’ve always had the most success selling to other vendors as a b2b company. Plus, you will learn some things about the fair you need to know. There are always little details that help make your event a success.

No go make it happen!

If you need help with business cards, flyers, banners or setting up an online digital offer – I’m here to help!



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