Michael J Thorp spent years on the radio and then television as a broadcaster.

What makes Michael smile now is when you refer to him as “author.”

We live in the “Information Age” and we all have a unique slice of information between our ears. Our unique life experiences have provided us with valuable lessons, some hard earned, along the way.

Michael is a student of history and trivia. During his travels around Michigan he assembled a large collection of Michigan trivia in a box over a number of years. While in transition from his broadcasting career he decided to put the large collection to work for him and he produced “The Great Great Lakes Trivia Test.” The book is available for sale and has a wide distribution throughout Michigan. It is also being given by many as gifts to their out of state friends and family to show off a bit of Michigan. Michael is a great example of what can be accomplished by creating an action plan and executing the plan. To learn more about his book, visit his website at greatlakestriviatest.com

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