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Install Firefox Browser

Keyword Research

Ten Step Keyword Research

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Install SEO Quake 

SEO Glossary by ESCMI

SEO Glossary

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Search For Web 2.0

SEO Club

SEO Resources & Training


Welcome to our SEO Club!
Learn how you can optimize your results online.

As we meet with Michigan business owners through networking and our Google Page #1 workshops hosted by the Michigan Small Business Development Center, we are struck with the need for ongoing training. The SEO Club is your resource for up to date tools, tricks, tips and training. We want you to shine on the internet and build your business.

The opportunity is there for you and if we can help you reach your goals, then we have met ours. We ask for a small fee to join our club, simply as a way to weed out those who are not serious about learning and growing. We invest thousands of dollars each year in our training and resources and have learned in the past that free is worth exactly that.

So we only as a token $19 to be included in the journey as we grow our businesses online together. Use the button below to get in on the fun and learning!

Ready To Take Serious Action?

If your ready to dive in and get started with your internet marketing journey, let us help you through the starting process.

Dave and Jeff will:

  • Provide you with a free teleconference tool for online training
  • Perform live keyword research on your product or service
  • Perform a live website analysis on your website
  • Review your content goals and objectives
  • Review linking and embedding strategies
  • Discuss your most effective first step to success
  • Provide you with a free gift worth $100, that could turn into thousands!
  • Plus make you a charter member of the SEO Club

Simply use the button below to make a $39 investment in your future and we will be in touch to schedule your one on one guided journey to internet success!

Join the SEO Club!

Coupon codes are provided in workshop handouts. If you have questions, email or use the contact page.