You have to get a bit outrageous to get peoples attention these days.

Don’t limit yourself to the same old ad message. Create some buzz, get some attention, create more customers! It takes some careful planning and thought to come up with the right ideas and campaign, but the pay off can be huge. To be outrageous, you don’t have to be “blue” or raunchy, just get noticed. That can be done with strange colors, mixed up fonts or bold statements.
People love the word FREE and it can be used effectively, but that isn’t enough anymore. I was taught a long time ago that there are two primal motivators – fear & greed. These days we see a lot of action based on fear. Use statements like: Ten things to avoid; Five things our competitors won’t tell you; the number one reason most will fail…. and so on.
People are trained to like lists. We make lists for the grocery story, daily tasks, goals…. lists are powerful.
When planning a marketing blitz, always work on the basics first; market, media, message. Pick your market, select your media then design your message. To learn more about how to plan an outrageous marketing blitz and get results, visit here.

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