An Exclusive Invitation

You have been specifically invited to this exclusive group for your unique talents and abilities. We have a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow together through this proven format. As a tech guy, I’ve selected the The Followup Machine by Ryan Deiss, tailored after Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, as our over riding theme for the master mind group. Each of us has a story or a product to sell. This training based on content from Jeff Walker and Ryan Deiss will propel our business to new levels. I’m counting on it, or I wouldn’t invest the time and energy to create this group.

What is available to you…

The goal of this Master Mind group is to help each other build and develop our Machines. I’ve invested over $2,000 in access to Ryan Deiss’s Follow Up Machine training. With your membership in our Master Mind group you will enjoy direct access to the extensive training, email templates and bonus resources.

Even more valuable is the coaching, encouragement and camaraderie you will enjoy with our small exclusive group. Rod Brant of Bent Oak Tablets and Jim Lange of Five Feet Twenty both bring years of experience and a genuine compassion to each meeting. As leaders and students, they both are rich resources to tap into.

Simply the structure of meeting each month to fine tune programs and test new ideas is invaluable.

The Meeting Time and Format

We meet in Ann Arbor, in the back room of Zingerman’s Coffee Brewhouse on Plaza Drive. It is a unique meeting area with great coffee and lunch on me which is just a short walk down the sidewalk to Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

Meetings are held from 9am till 1pm on Fridays. Generally the fourth Friday of the month, subject to change to accommodate schedules. Each person will have up to 45 minutes to discuss their unique marketing challenges or ideas. We divide up the time equally and save time to break bread around noon.

Should you wish to join us, the investment is $111 per month.

Once you have taken positive action on this, I’ll contact you with meeting details. You will be directed instantly to login access to The Follow Up Machine.

To your success!

Dave Crabill