Avoid the mistake that most businesses make!

Newsletters provide a way to deliver consistent relevant content.

Note: consistent & relevant

Most businesses don’t create consistently.  If it isn’t a priority it will slip by. You have to have a system set up to consistently produce and distribute a newsletter. You customers and prospects want to hear from you, make sure your taking action.


You have the content all around you each day and just need to save it for when the time comes to put it together. Grab those articles from your reading homework online and in trade journals, new product brochures and other content that crosses your desk and file it away in one place. As you talk to your vendors and clients you will get ideas on information to share. Take a moment and make a note and stuff it in the file. Then when the scheduled time to create your newsletter comes around you have content ready to work from.

Think about seasonal issues that affect your clients. Reminders and routine housekeeping can be handled through a newsletter. Keep track of what you need to tell people and when and you will have a handy resource for content.


If your budget allows, spend $500 on a professional template for your newsletter. A onetime investment with a graphic artist will make your presentation pop! The template should allow you to easily add content and print or provide the content to your printer for final assembly and printing.

You can use Microsoft Publisher for in house printing. Commercial printers generally will have trouble working with those files.  Print to an Adobe PDF file type and send that to the printer if using Publisher. In house printing is ok for small lists, but the amount of ink you will use and hassle will quickly drive you to work with a local printer.

Pictures and photos are a must. We all have a short attention span.

Personalize the newsletter. Babies and Puppies rock – always. Let your customers and prospects know that you are real and have their best interests at heart.


E-mail is the “fiscally conservative” way to send it, but have an A list that received it by mail. Mail is more effective and will get read and shared. If emailing, do it right and use a system that will get your emails delivered and not sent to the junk folder.


You’re in charge; you have to make it happen. Make it a priority. If you need help, give me a call to set an appointment 810-496-0014. I have writers and graphic artists that are looking for projects and we can administer your newsletter affordably and on schedule. We would call you on a schedule to get content, provide a proof and send it out for you. This will be the most “fiscally conservative” investment in advertising ever.

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