First things first.

Increase the spend of current clients or attract new clients?
website design

Internet Fundamentals

Control what visitors find when looking for your product or service.

We setup your “Digital Assets” such as your Google Business listing to display on the Google Map, as well as a long list of other relevant websites where your potential clients are hanging out.

Your website must be easy to navigate on a phone, fast and provide the right information that generates the action you desire.

EDDM Post Card Mailing

Post Cards Still Work!

We are all very busy and very distracted. Sound bites and tiny text snippets rule the day. When you have a post card in your hand the world slows down for a second. The heft of the paper, the glossy image, all begs for a bit of precious attention.

Grab more attention and target the areas where your prospects are with an Every Door Direct Mail campaign. We can do as little or as much as you like.

SEO Service

Bring Attention To Yourself!

Boost your online reputation with a Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign. We do the work to create content and create the network of links and embeds to raise your credibility. All done with “White Hat” techniques that deliver results.

Video SEO Service

Video Sells!

Your video sales letter on page #1 of your ideal search term will magnetically attract business. We produce the video, place in position on your keyword search and let the traffic find you!

Summer Fair & Festival Marketing Ideas

Summer Fair & Festival Marketing Ideas

Making the most of a Street Fair The great thing about summer fairs and festivals is the crowd. You can count on meeting a good amount of people that would be very difficult to meet on a normal business day. So, you want to make the most of it right? Here are a few...

Many Blessings I’m Thankful For

Many Blessings I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanks Giving Rarely a day goes by that I'm not amazed by the many blessings. Really. I'm the luckiest guy I know. I can hear my friends in West Flint Optimist Club laughing now. I gave a speech titled "I'm The Luckiest Guy I Know" a few years back. Some of my...

Look away in order to see

Look away in order to see

Caught up in the cycle? It happens to me too often. I get caught up in chasing the work as I wear the accountant, sales rep, graphic design, web design and marketing manager hats. You think that the day to day process is the thing. We'll you have to look beyond that...

Links & Proper SEO with Anchor Text

Links & Proper SEO with Anchor Text

Careful not to overdo your keywords in Anchor Text Link to your content and include Anchor Text with the links to inform Google what the link is about. Use your keywords as appropriate, but don't spam the search engine with keywords in these fields - you will be...

Not certain where to start?

If your like most business owners, it is a miracle that your even on this web page poking around. You have work to do and not enough time. Advertising and marketing your business is something you do grudgingly with the rep of the day that hit you in a good mood.

Get out of that cycle and let us help you with a plan. We can work at your pace and help you feel more organized along the way.