Happy Thanks Giving

Rarely a day goes by that I’m not amazed by the many blessings. Really. I’m the luckiest guy I know. I can hear my friends in West Flint Optimist Club laughing now. I gave a speech titled “I’m The Luckiest Guy I Know” a few years back. Some of my career stories are tragically funny! Always a learning process though. Speaking of WFOC, I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve made through Optimists both locally and around the world.

I’m Thankful for my friends in Optimists International

I’ve had the pleasure of serving in a variety of leadership roles in ¬†Optimist organizations which has taken me around the country and even up to Montreal. Optimist members work to make a difference in the lives of children. We can’t do enough to help children be safe, warm and well fed. Sounds simple, but there are too many kids that start out their day cold and hungry. Service clubs like the Optimists are a great way to help make a difference and appreciate your life.

I’m Thankful for my clients

I get bored quick and have less and less patience all the time. Which is why the work that I do for my clients is a perfect fit! I have clients from a wide variety of industries that rely on me to make them look good and sell more. Some clients only know me as a printer. I design and print brochures, business cards, post cards, flyers, signs, banners and more. Thankfully I have Blazing Graphics and Ardis Advertising to lean on for the more involved designs, they are super talented. Most clients know me as the web guy. I build websites and provide the hosting service. They count on my for routine website updates and maintenance of their online image. Some clients use me for social media marketing. I’m thankful for my friend Michael J Thorp who is a great writer and now publishes content for my clients on Facebook. Some clients use me for video production. I’m thankful for my friend Ken Crim who does the HD Video production for TV and has taught me some of the ropes. Some clients use me for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a new service that we offer thanks to my good friend and fellow Red Wings fan Jeff Dennings. Jeff does some amazing work which will be shared more prolifically by me in the near future.

So, as you can see, the Eclectic is true. We provide a wide range of services for our clients, both online and offline (web & print). I’m thankful that my clients trust me and pay me well to handle things. I have such a close relationship with many of my clients that they trust me to “just handle it” on a regular basis and we get it done.

I’m Thankful for my many friends

I have an eclectic collection of friends. Most of my friends are self employed, many play ice hockey. We help each other and make life a bit easier.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my family

I miss my dad. He passed in 2001. My mom is my biggest supporter and who taught me how to sell. My sister and brother put up with me mostly:) My brother Mike is my Brainy Smurf, fixing things I break and keeping the technology humming. My beautiful wife of 30+ years is my foundation. We are a team. She gives me free reign to be who I am and make my own way with my many business ventures. She is my travel companion and constant friend. My son is my inspiration. He pushes me to work harder and smarter, we have had some big adventures that I survived!

So much more…

Every day I work towards my goals and focus on a positive outcome. I’m thankful that I have my health and sanity to keep moving forward.

I hope you find peace and joy in your life.

Thank you for reading!



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