Caught up in the cycle?

It happens to me too often. I get caught up in chasing the work as I wear the accountant, sales rep, graphic design, web design and marketing manager hats. You think that the day to day process is the thing. We’ll you have to look beyond that to your larger goals. Refocus on the big picture on a routine basis to re prioritize your business. Are you attracting the right clients to get you to your goals? Is your marketing positioning you properly? Are you spending your most valuable resource, your time, on the right things?

So Look Away!

Get your head out of the day to day and re write your goals. The more defined and refined they become, the closer you get to making them reality. Outsource! There are tasks that you should not be doing – find help.

Need A Swift Kick in the You Know What?

Read Dan Kennedy’s book on Time Management for the Entrepreneur:

P.S. I wrote this real quick as a reminder to myself! THINK!


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