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The Internet – what can it do for you?

Every business needs one thing, paying customers. Preferably repeat customers that bring friends to your business. Proper use of the Internet will increase your business even faster than the stagecoach of days gone by.

Why the Internet?

In today’s media rich environment we are inundated with messages of all sorts. It never ends. You are being shouted at and asked to make buying decisions by print, billboards, television, radio and any number of other sources. Those businesses have decided to “push” their message to their “target” audience. Demographic research can help select a media and channel to “push” your message through.

Now we have another choice. The Internet. With the Internet we can pull in prospects when they are looking for your information. Plus, you can tailor your content to focus on local traffic or reach out to the world. Getting results on the Internet takes more than being top ranked on Google. Prospects must see you as the smart choice to spend their money and you have to offer an easy sales path.

My friend, relative, neighbor, kid or employee handles that!

The computer and web confuse many with lots of technical jargon and choices. You have too many choices, so you reach out to an expert – your kid, nephew or employee. WRONG! Hire a professional.

To illustrate how wrong this can be I’ll give an example.
In Flushing, Michigan there once was a fine dining restaurant, The Speakeasy. The owner, John Bonardelli, entrusted a cook to register his domain name and build a website for the restaurant. The cook got into a tiff with the chef and then the cook took revenge on the restaurant. All registration and access was controlled by a disgruntled employee. WRONG!

I like Ronald Regan’s approach to the Russians. Trust, but Verify.

A professional will register everything in your name and provide all access info with the project, as your property.

A professional works within deadlines and keeps commitments to assure the first point – more customers and more referrals.


What is the Silver Bullet to make the Internet work for me?
Learn from someone who has tried other approaches.

The Internet is like just about everything else in your life, it requires real work and consistent action. Those “hucksters” that pitch you the next great gizmo should be run out of town. What you need are sound fundamentals to lock in your place on the Internet and a workable plan that doesn’t disrupt your life.

What about Facebook and other Social Networking


You need to be in those spaces interacting with your prospects. Regardless of your key demographic, they are there. Old and Young. They are great platforms for content.

How do people make money Blogging? What is a Blog?

A Blog is like a stream of content around a topic. Here is a fishing analogy: think of it like tossing some bread on the water to see what comes up. The content attracts a certain niche market and the blogger redirects them to the paying product or service.

More specifically, a “work-at-home” mom can blog about recipes and kids to promote pots and pans. The manufacturer could give a set away to create some buzz.

Why do you care about Blogging?

Google loves WordPress – the number one blogging platform. Plus, WordPress is easy to update and add content. Content is King!

So, you want to attract prospects with content that appeals to them?

Exactly. You need to be perceived as the go-to guy/gal for your product/service. When you have done that, you will Magnetically Attract business to you.

How will I ever learn all this stuff to make this happen?

I Guarantee that you will be up and running and trained within 27 days and loving it!

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