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Google Search Love

Sure, it is sad how desperate we all are for some Google love!

Many of us even pay for it!

But if your business information isn’t right on Google, you have problems.

Why Google Business Setup Is Important

That is where people go to find info. Many times it is from their phone. Your information should be in your control as the business owner and you need to know that it is correct. Besides, once you go through our training, you will know how to use the right words and categories to attract new customers! That is the real goal right? Grow your business!

The other thing to avoid is delegating this task to an employee. You need to do this yourself, which I know can be a pain and you don’t have time, but really, this is important, either do it yourself or hire a professional that will provide you with your login information and control.

I have a lot of stories to share about the trials and tribulations of letting an employee handle this. I’ll share just one here.

I’m located in Genesee County Michigan and there once was a very nice restaurant in Flushing – The Speakeasy. The owner, Jon, contacted me for some help with his website. Well, it was worse than that. You see, a cook built his website and controlled everything and the cook had a problem with the head chef and quit. The cook wasn’t content to just walk away. He created a lot of nasty – not to be repeated in polite company – content on the site and he owned the domain name! After a bit of work we were able to wrestle control of the domain name, but it was painful for everyone.

So, your assets online are YOUR assets. You have to take care of them as well as the keys to your car or business.

With that in mind, I’ve set up a video walk through of what to set up and why that will “get you right on Google.” The video is only 20 minutes long. There is a PDF checklist to complete and use as you go through the video. This is easy and won’t take a ton of your time, but is worth it!

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What does Google tell you?

The first test is to Google your business. Is your listing showing up? Is all of the information correct? Do you know how to edit your content?

If you answered no to any of those questions, take the training!

You can't hide!

Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. It can only cause you more stress. Let us help you sort out your Google issues. This training is a great way for someone like you to take charge, but contact us if you want some professional assistance. Either way we want to see you succeed with your online presence.

Get Google Love!

When Google discovers how cool you are and all you can do, she will deliver you up to more and more prospects! That is like money in the bank!

The foundation of your online marketing is your Google Business setup. This is FREE training. No tricks, no gimmicks. Take action today. Not sure you should trust me to help you?

Well, here are some testimonials from prominent business owners that happen to be my clients: John-Schmitt-Superior-Travel



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