Any student of sales and marketing will tell you that the easiest person to sell is the person that has already bought from you.
Unless you are a bankruptcy attorney you look forward to repeat business, but even the BK attorney can sell his clients on referring other clients. It is a simple truth that when you have “voted with your dollars” and made a purchase, you will reinforce the decision by speaking well of it. So why not ask someone that you sold recently to tell a friend? If you selling food, like Huckleberry Junction Playhouse Theater, you have even greater incentive to keep dripping on your customers. They could conceivably buy from you several times a week!
There are a variety of strategies that can be employed to build a list. A simple jar on your counter with a note pad offering a prize drawing in a month for those who sign up for a newsletter is a quick and easy way. But the key is to bribe them to sign up, and deliver!
Huckleberry is Party Headquarters for munchkins. You can find five or ten groups of up to 40 people each hanging out and playing on a typical weekend. It gets a little crazy, but the kids love it! Birthday parties are a big deal when your in elementary school. Through the Huckleberry website we have people signing up their children for the birthday party club. The list has grown tremendously in the last year and we keep pushing it further. Now we have a herd of people that we can attract in for special deals to boost daily sales or introduce new items.
Want to start building your herd? We can help!

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