A Dozen Ambitious Minds Came Together

It has been my goal for about six months now to bring GKIC style marketing and training to the Flint, Michigan area. Flint is not know for its entrepreneurial spirit, more for the unions. Yet, I know a number of business owners who work hard in their business and have shown an interest in building their business to new levels. Sure, the economy is tough. Sure, money is tight in our market. Sure, there are a thousand “good” reasons not to invest time and money in marketing. As a good Optimist I wasn’t deterred from reaching my goal. I knew that with Derek Freund’s help and some hard work and persistence I could attract at least ten business owners to invest time and money to improve their business. We did just that.

Derek Freund of GKIC presents to local Flint business owners.

This morning marks the beginning of something bigger. In September we will begin a regular series of “Chapter” meetings for No B.S. Michigan. At these chapter meetings you will have the opportunity to share unique marketing ideas with the group and learn from others that are doing great things. Together we can create the “Tipping Point” for Flint and Genesee County. The producers of the community have to thrive and prosper to attract more people to take responsibility and action. I salute those that work hard to build their business, take risk, meet payroll and support our community. Without you our community will fail. The Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle isn’t a silver bullet to business success, but they have the proper attitude, skills and resources to propel your business to new levels. Together we can learn and through GKIC we will learn from companies throughout the United States of American and beyond.

So, thanks to the following businesses that participated in the Total Control Workshop at Superior Travel Service in Grand Blanc.

Russ Perry – Perry & Associates   (Infinate Banking System)

Carol Hawks – Promo Consultants (Advertising Specialties)

Dan Crannie – Signs By Crannie (Signs, Auto Graphics, Car Wraps)

Gary Gephart – Signs By Crannie

Curt Drury – Gotcha Cover Upholstery (auto, home, commercial upholstery service)

Ken Crim – iKen Video Production (commercial video, residential tape to DVD conversions)

Anthony Martin – Co Card Merchant Processing

Dave Vanitvelt – Vision Solutions Printing (commercial printing)

Bob Scherman – Flint Distributing (Warehouse Space)


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