Marketing Your Business Online

So you have a website and it will solve all of your marketing problems right?


It is a necessary part of the equation and give you tremendous power to compete on a level similar to the deep pocketed competitors, but you need to get traffic.

Without traffic to your website,  what is the point?

The most successful marketers that I work and mastermind with are doing multiple things simultaniously to get the word out. Depending on the size of the budget it can involve radio, television, workshops, seminars, publications, print advertising, direct mail, pay per click advertising, banner ads, text messaging – the list goes on and on. One of the basic / fundamental things to do is a newsletter to your clients.

All of this is real work. It takes time and money.

The cool thing is when your system works and you see the sales come in and you can repeat your efforts and build on your client base.

Here are some basic things that we offer to our clients that you can do yourself – if you have time:)

Find directories and blogs that relate to your business. Get listed. Make comments and include your web address. These tactics willl generate more “backlinks” to your website. More the better.

Use Social Media to your advantage.

There are a series of steps to take to make certain your Google listings are correct and current. That is an ongoing project and requires dicsipline. Create a Facebook Page for your business, but it is like your website – you have to promote it. So find Facebook groups that you can join in the conversation and promote your brand. There is a line between giving and promoting. Give first and position as the expert. Twitter is the same thing. There are tools to search Twitter and find places to Tweet that will be relevant to you. Yelp is the tool used by Apple now for their map software, you need a Yelp account and there are tools to enhance that listing. Perhaps the most successful place to find groups and get engaged for a Business to Business company is LinkedIn. There are active groups and real business being done through LinkedIn.

Create a Circular System

Throughout the day you hand out brochures and business cards when calling on clients right? (By the way, we design and print for our clients at great prices.) So make sure you are doing more than listing your website URL on the card or brochure. Drive them there with an offer for more content. The brocure can only do so much. Give them a page to go to to view a video demonstration of your product or service. We have made some cool videos that quickly educate potential clients on complex products. You can see an example below of a very niche manufacturer. Imagine how many words it would take to describe what a manufacturer of End Effectors, Torque Tubes and Articulating Arms for the Material Handling Industry! This video does it in under 2 min:

Create your informational video!

The video does not need to be shot in high definition and professionally edited with voice over talent. We can help you build something simple to start. Either way, we can help script and create a cool introduction for your product or service.

Looking for more ideas?

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