Editorial – Advertorial

Power of the Written Word

The written word is powerful and editorial content drives more traffic than advertising. The trick is to find the right media to deliver your message and get it produced.

The good news is that print publications are always looking for content. It may take some creative thinking to find your angle, but getting an article published will provide immediate results and provide you with an excellent marketing tool. For example, say you get an article published in Women to Women Magazine that explains why your product or service is unique and benefits women. Not only will the readers of the magazine view you as an expert in your field, but you can republish the article and use in your marketing efforts. The power of the written word will provide that extra edge to move you faster through the sales process. Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire & Close. Your article provides that conviction that you have the right stuff and are viewed as the go to person in your industry.

I have served as editor for two local publications and can tell you that I was always on the hunt for content. Local business and events are covered in Downtown Flint Revival magazine. Medical, health & lifestyles information is covered in Innovative Health Magazine. Affordable advertising is available through local publications like these both in print and online.

A team of talented writers are available to help you produce written content. You should add into your marketing some compelling written content. Press releases, newsletters, articles, brochures, web content, blogging and in house communications can be created to enhance what you are already doing. Don’t miss out on this important media channel that provides instant credibility and conviction for low out of pocket expense.

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