EDDM Direct Mail Works!

Post cards deliver an eye catching message to your prospective customers mail box. The beauty of a post card is the easy of reading it. Big visuals and a concise messaging on a post card will drive your target audience to a specific action.

Why use EDDM? EDDM is Every Door Direct Mail by the United States Post Office. The price changes from time to time, but as this is being written, the cost is 17.5 cents per delivery. You have to organize the post cards for the mail carrier and provide enough for them to put one in every mailbox on their route. Typically routes are 400 – 600 pieces, but it varies widely.

The first step to implement an EDDM campaign is to identify your mailing routes. On usps.com under the Business drop down menu, you will find EDDM. On that page you can enter a specific address or a zip code to select your mailing route.

There are specific rules as to the size of the post card for an EDDM campaign and the EDDM indicia has to be on the post card in place of addresses or stamps.

Our standard sizes for an EDDM mailing is 6.5″ x 9″ or 9″ x 12″.

The art for the post card needs to be designed 1/4″ larger on all edges for the full bleed printing – color goes to the edge.

We offer a turnkey EDDM program that takes all the work out of your hands. Here is what we will need from you and the steps in the process.

  1. Your logo, graphics and offer for the post card design, or your finished design.
  2. The specific route or an address within that route that you wish to target.
  3. The timing of when you would like the post cards to appear in mail boxes.

With that information and a completed purchase of an EDDM program, we can turn around your project. We need a minimum of ten days after the art is approved to process the order.

Click the image below to view detailed pricing: