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Electronic Mail – eMail – E-Mail

Back in the day it was telemarketing. Your phone would ring and a bright and chipper voice would pitch you on a product or service to get a response. The telephone can still be used effectively to your clients and prospects that have given you permission, but the phone is more intrusive than an E-Mail.



Power of E-Mail

An E-mail offers great ways for someone to explore more about your offer or learn about you on their schedule. The best method is to build a list of people that want to receive information from you that they value. You consistently send out content with a sales path available for them to take, but not intrusive. Your E-mail list must be double opt-in to conform with the CAN-SPAM Act. That can be done with the right software and an Opt-In form on your web site.

If you’re not building a list now, you should start. Start farming emails from your contacts, clients and prospects and put them on a list. Use a spread sheet at first to gather all of your info, that way it can be imported into a system easily later on.

What To Send

Create  a file to drop in ideas for your newsletter. Content from vendors, trade journals, and interesting things you read should be stored for quick retrieval to speed up the creation process. Just save in a folder on your computer or shove papers, articles and brochures into a file folder. Then when you “take the time” to put together a newsletter it will go quickly.

Best Practices

There are programs available to help you create attractive E-mails and send them in such a way that you don’t get marked as a spammer. Don’t use Outlook or Outlook Express or your web email to send to a list. You need professional software and service to make sure your message gets delivered. Programs like Constant Contact are available to make the process simple and has scheduling tools built in to plan delivery. More sophisticated programs like Aweber offer “auto responders” that allow you to set up a complete sales process and convert more customers.

Building A Sales Machine

Using Aweber, we can build a selling machine for you! We set up a series of E-Mails that are tried and tested to convert prospects into paying customers. We start with a simple free offer and then when they take that bait, we guide them through an ascension series that truly works!

If you are serious about building your list and delivering your message to grow your business, you owe it to your business to start building your list!

Studies show that E-mail marketing produces a $44 to $1 return on investment on average. Can you afford to miss out?

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If you have questions and need help setting up your campaign, give me a call or send over a message and I’d be happy to work with you.

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