Winner Winner!

Want to get inject some excitement into your marketing? We have the tools to help you with that. Contests!

Put Social Media to work for you.

social-media   Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are great tools to increase your pool of prospects.

How A Contest Works:

Select a cool prize to give away. We build the contest on your website or create a Facebook Page tab for the contest. Then we execute marketing to promote the contest. Extra points are given to contest entrants that share the contest with their “friends” online. This bribe helps the contest build in a viral way across the social media channels. You award the prize – we have the random generation tools to do that – and then you make a big fuss about your winner!

Types of Contests:

Coupons, Sweepstakes, Pinterest PinToWins, Instant Wins, Photo Contests, Video Contests, Polls, Group Deals, Deals, Rewards, Leaderboard Contest.

Additional Benefits:

A good practice when running a contest is to build a list from your entries. We can integrate an email auto-response system into the contest to make it simple for you to manage.  Aweber is our preferred method.  Learn more about Aweber email systems by visiting here.

Get Started On Your Contest:

Contact to get started on your contest, or call Dave Crabill @ 810-471-7767.

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