Community Mailer

Direct Mail & Television Marketing Campaign

We have identified a few key markets to attack with a well thought out advertising campaign.

It starts with a television schedule to promote our coupon mailer. We have hired Michael J Thorp as our spokesman to promote the campaign.

We then mail a beautiful brochure to all of the homes in the target area that offers a chance at winning $500 along with all the great offers.

An example of our television commercial and the  last 50,000 piece mailing into the north east corner of Genesee County is below:

Genesee EDDM

Listen to what the Genesee Grand Junction property manager had to share about this campaign!

Click the link below:

Grand Junction Testimonial


A new mailer is going out with an in mailbox date of Oct. 29th. It is nice that you can time the mailings very closely with EDDM. The mail carriers will take them out the very next day after you drop them off generally. This ability to time the day they arrive is more important than you might think. The difference in response can be huge if you don’t think through you timing!

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