Simply Having the Best Product Isn’t Enough.

Donna’s Donuts is known for great donuts. People wear t-shirts and powdered sugar smiles that tell the story. They have trouble on some normal days keeping up with demand for their product. Fat Tuesday is a whole new level.

The owner, John Gibbons, expanded Pazcki sales to Sunday – Tuesday a couple of years ago to help satisfy demand. In 2010 they sold 770 dozen Pazcki’s. A bump in sales to 1,000 is only a 30% increase, so we decided to shoot for 1,000.

I met with a friend, Rob Jewel, at the White Horse for a beer and we got around to talking about this goal for Donna’s. By the end of the night we mapped out a plan on a napkin – the best plans are made that way!

A contest was created. We hit our goal and we draw from the pre-orders a winner of a dozen donuts a week and we will give $500 to a charity of their choice. See the attached press release – Fat Tuesday Press Announcement.

I updated the Donnas website and posted on Facebook and talked it up around town. Nothing special, just a bit of grunt work. John beefed up production and organized the staff to handle the onslaught.

Typically, there are only 100 – 200 pre orders for Pazcki’s that come in. Everyone just shows up. This year we processed about 40 orders online and had a total of about 500 pre-orders, much easier to predict. Having that in place alone helped with work flow.

Production was stressed to the max, but they managed to produce over 1,200 Pazckis. They could have sold more. At 5:30pm on Tuesday there was still a line out the door and down the front of their building!

Kudo’s to the hard working crew at Donna’s Donuts! They worked hard.

We received a lot of free press that helped greatly. Thanks to TV 12, TV 5, The View Newspapers and the Flint Journal.

This was fun… can I help you with your business?

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