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Article SEO Video Introduction

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Article SEO is a like investing money with compound interest. .

What starts out slowly, continues to grow exponentially.

We get a big kick out of seeing the tremendous results we are able to deliver, in time.

For that reason, we recommend using this service to increase the value of your online presence, but do so with the understanding that the exciting results are a few months into the program.

Here is what we will do for you each and every month:

  • Create a new article, over 500 words, about your main topic
  • Post that article in high ranking article sharing sites
  • Share that article on high ranking Web 2.0 sites
  • Carefully link those articles back to your website
  • Ping your article from our many assets
  • Report our progress to you
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Email Marketing by AWeber

Content is King – sort of… More important is popularity!

How does Google decide what is popular content?

Links of course.

Consistently posting new content that is read and shared by viewers is the path to the top of Google’s list.

That is all.

Just be prolific in writing content and get hundreds of your friends to share your articles and your there!

Well, if you like 99.9% of my clients, you have other things to do. Some can make a gallant effort and start, but then the challenge of getting all of those links is overwhelming.

Even if you do get some friends to link back, well, they might not have a lot of Google “juice” or credibility with Google. The results just won’t be there.

Our Article SEO Service has been developed to solve this problem.

We have a team of writers that love to write. They each have a specialty or niche, we have someone for your niche. They write the articles and we go to work posting, embedding and sharing the content using our high ranking assets that have been developed over the years.

We are not new to this game. Our system has been perfected, streamlined and optimized to make it affordable for you!

If you have questions, contact us.

If you would like quicker results, consider our Video SEO Service. Within sixty days we can place your video on page one of your unique search term!

To get started right away with Article SEO, we will need a $75 setup fee to do our keyword research, configuration of your online assets and program initiation. Then there will be a monthly fee of $199 per month to perform the services, with a minimum of twelve months.

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