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Dave Crabill

Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing LLC  is a result of over twenty five years of sales and marketing experience and networking by founder Dave Crabill. Eclectic Sales offers a network of professionals (and professional geeks)  in their respective fields to assist with your business with unique marketing solutions. We work directly with your business to find solutions to your marketing challenges within your budget.

Empathy for the “serial entrepreneur”

You can trust that Dave and his team will take your needs seriously and work with you towards a common goal. That is just one reason why we continue to service the same local clients for over a dozen years. You see, we are passionate about what we do. We eat, sleep, breathe and work at our respective niches. It is our passion to encourage entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. Making a profit is icing on the cake.

You can count on us to offer the best solution possible, whether that is available from us or a competitor. We have this old fashioned notion of the Golden Rule or maybe a new age Karma. Besides, life is more fun and interesting if you keep it simple and straight with honesty and integrity.

Meet Key Team Players at ESCMI


Michael J Thorp

Michael J Thorp

The web and social media is hungry for content. While there is a lot of content available for free or very low rates by using tech tricks or shopping overseas, we prefer a more seasoned and real approach. For that reason, we utilize the talents of Michael J Thorp for content creation. Michael is the author of three books, has produced numerous television and radio productions as well as live events. You can provide your online visitors with entertaining content through Michael’s service.

Jeff Dennings


Jeff Dennings

Jeff joined the West Flint Optimist Club where Dave hangs out. Jeff dove in and assumed a leadership role right away and demonstrated an ability to learn complex systems quickly. It wasn’t hard for Dave to recruit Jeff onto the ESCMI team and he has quickly developed great results with search engine optimization for clients.

Mike Crabill

Older brothers can be a pain in the you know what some times. Well, I guess younger brothers can also I have to admit. Even so, Mike mentors Dave with all things technical. He is limited physically with many ailments, but his sharp analytic mind is a great asset to ESCMI and much appreciated. Just don’t tell him that please! He is undergoing a lot of medical challenges and has set up a way to help him raise funds for medical expenses. Please consider giving him a hand up.


A big part of Dave’s life is the West Flint Optimist Club. Through the Optimist Club we are able to help local children with food, clothing, medical supplies, scholarships and activities. The children really are the future. It is wise to invest. To learn more about that, visit Optimists In Action

Biking & Ice Hockey

Walking with Sue, Jacob, Chase & Lady

Dave and Jacob with Chase & Lady

Dave spends many days with my eyes burned to the computer display working on various projects. To relive stress and get some exercise, he likes to ride a mountain bike or play ice hockey. Island Lakes State Park near Milford, Michigan is his favorite  trail system. There are about 16 miles of trails that aren’t too challenging, but a great workout in beautiful woods. His son, Jacob, is an avid biker and is enjoying riding around the Stanford University campus at Grad School with his masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics, working on a PHD. NASA has funded his research while he completes his PHD.

For ice hockey, it depends on the night. with four rinks in the area, there is always a game to pick up. Dave organizes a team in a league at Polar Palace in Lapeer. The Genesys doctors have a regular skate that Dave drops in on. Hockey has been a big part of his life. For the latest on where to skate, visit Gears Beer. Dave grew up about an hour from Philadelphia and would listen to the Flyers games on a radio while working on homework. The Broad Street Bullies were his heros growing up.

“I can still see Bobby Clarke beaten and bloodied, but digging even harder to score a goal. You just couldn’t stop him!” says Dave.

Marketing Knowledge

Dave found “planet Dan” a couple of years ago and now visit with Derek Freund of Rogue Marketing Systems on a regular basis to work on my marketing skills. For over four years Dave participated in various Master Mind groups focused on marketing and was fortunate to meet many great marketers from around the country.

Dave now runs an exclusive Master Mind group in Ann Arbor. Talk with Dave about Master Mind groups and how they can benefit your personal growth and success in business.

Message from Dave:

We are all incredibly busy and working hard. The tough thing is to work smarter and get more done. Marketing is what we are all about. Give us a call to learn a little more about how we might help your business!

I look forward to discussing your unique marketing or technical challenge to work towards a solution!

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