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You are excellent at what you offer in your business. You take pride in the value you provide. Your customers are happy. But you struggle to bring in new customers. That is common for most small business owners. They are so busy working in their business that they spend little or no time working on their business!

Give me $87 and I’ll hand you…

A blueprint, recipe, plan, system, or whatever analogy you prefer to transform your business using the assets that you have today. You are so close to the break through that you are looking for, but the little things matter. Just as in a horse race, the difference between first place and loser is pretty slim, but there has to be a winner and that can be you! If you enjoy reading, check out Acres of Diamonds for inspiration.

All you need to do is take the same interest and intensity that you deliver through your product or service and apply it to your business growth. There are proven steps to get the most out of what you have today.

Take Action & Order Your Marketing Machine Guidebook

The Marketing Machine Guidebook will lay out the steps to create your own diamond field on the Internet. You will be able to follow the simple steps outlined in the guidebook that is illustrated with screen shots to make it as simple as possible to follow. With the steps I outline, you will have a functional web site with your Unique Selling Proposition and Irresistible Offer that will Magnetically build your customer base. Within the Marketing Machine Guidebook you will find that almost everything that you need is FREE! Along with the all of that, I provide step by step instructions on creating a YouTube video and uploading to your account – and why you should do that. I show you where to find everything to pull it together and also provide excellent resources to buy photos, videos, copy writing and other services that you may need in the future.


I will schedule a 27 minute phone conference with you to help you over any rough patches, and send you a recording of my recent radio interview on No B.S. Michigan Radio. “But wait there is more!” (sorry, couldn’t resit) With your purchase you are made an honorary member of the Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing Master Minds Club. As a member, you will be encourage to share what you have learned by your marketing and other members share their experiences. Together we all improve our skills.


You will receive discounts on services. I know that you will need some help along the way with images, graphics, copy writing, or creative ideas. All together you will gain a minimum of &678 in resources and help in exchange for your taking action today. Your $87 isn’t going to make me rich, but it will commit you to taking further action – and then we both win!

Marketing Machine Guidebook & Resources worth $687 for only $87!

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Looking for more hands on training?

Three Hour Hands On Training Workshop

Bring a notebook computer loaded with pictures and some content for your project. At the end of three hours we will have registered a domain name for you (included in price) established accounts with Google, YouTube and WordPress and created a dynamic web site with your choice of stylish template. Plus, you will have a credit of $30 to purchase professional photos online to use in your web site from a major photo resource. I will provide input and coaching on the content creation to keep you moving through the process. A workbook is provided with the training session for you to take home with you. This system is flexible and simple to use and you will be the Master of your Website within the three hours.

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Advanced Training Class – two six hour sessions

Want to fully commit and take your site to the next phase? This course includes the initial three hour session and then you come back for a second three hour work session to fine tune your site further. We will create your Irresistible Offer to build your client database and optimize your titles and add tags to increase your visibility to search engines. We will then connect your site to major social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Linked In and give you a free tool to create a stream of content for your web site and automate updates to keep your content fresh.

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You will be taken to a secure server to enter your credit card information. If you have any questions or concerns, call me at 810-471-7767. Thank you for your business! I look forward to working with you to grow your business.

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